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Wine Tastings on FB Live!

March 24, 2018

On Friday nights I call a few moms over.  They bring their kids.  I get a sitter.  We throw them a pizza.  Then the fun begins.

We go live on FB and taste wines with fun/easy foods.  We typically taste a red and a white – usually stuff you can find in your local grocery store or even Walmart.  Or you could go to a high end wine shop too.  Whatever you can get your hands on.  We pair them with fun stuff like kids snacks or McDonalds or Chips.  Friends join us online and taste with us and join the conversation.


It is by no means a stuffy formal wine tasting.  It is screaming kids in the background, searching for bottle openers, yoga pants and mom buns.  Basically a celebration of another week we survived.  Moms Happy Hour!

Join us each Friday on Facebook on the HMM Hot Mess Mama Page.  Typically we start at 5pmET and go for about an hour.  Pop in for a few minutes or stay the whole hour.  Better yet – come and join me in person!

The tastings are recorded and can be found on my YouTube channel too if you can’t join us.  Cheers to us Moms!

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