Fun with Kids

When did we stop having fun?

March 13, 2018

Remember the days when we had fun?  Full on – not a care in the world – so much fun we peed our pants?  Silly stuff.  Crazy stuff.  Adventurous stuff.  Am I old?  Am I tired?  Has becoming a mom sucked all of the fun out of me?  Did Ramona Responsibility completely take over and suffocate Fanny Fun?

Let me clarify, I am a fun mom, but I dont know how to “have fun”.  Does that make sense?  I am super creative and can be very silly.  Super energetic.  I can do really fun activities with my kids.  I can plan an awesome birthday party with games.  I can entertain kids.  But I do not have fun.

How are we expected then, to be fun with our kids?  Is it really fun for us?  Or is it just a show for the kids?  What can we do to resurrect our inner fun?  I miss having fun – I feel like I have forgotten how!

Who has time for fun?  Cant go to the park when there is shuttling to and from practice.  I have to cook dinner, I can’t finger paint!  We need to go grocery shopping, there is no time for checkers.  Your teacher said we have to bring in 12 stuffed plastic Easter Eggs – I cant take you for a bike ride.

My kids can pull “fun” out of thin air.  A simple game of chase.  Coloring.  Playing with their toys.  Telling stories and playing pretend.  I am very fortunate they have each other to play with!

So this week, I am going to do some research.  Not only observe my kids, but participate in their play.  The hard part is going to be trying to forget about the pressures of the day and the to do lists.  I am going to have to focus … on playing.

Don’t get me wrong – I can get silly.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I can be crazy.  Singing and dancing and inventing games and making crafts.  But do I let go of stress so I can stop and enjoy it?

So this week I have a few ideas for activities but sometimes the impromptu stuff is the best.  Don’t want to over think it or plan too much because then it feels forced. Kids sniff that out.

I think I am just going to have to return to a sort of innocence.  How do I do that?!?  Are you able to do that?

So I have a feeling there will be messes and boo boos.  There will be fighting and laughter.  There will be ice cream for breakfast.  Hookey from school?  But I hope that there will be memories too.

Wish me luck!

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