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Valentine’s Day Activities

February 11, 2019

It’s that time – time for romance and love …

Who are we kidding – it’s time for Valentine’s Day Cards, candy, school parties, gifts and everything covered in red hearts.

It is already Monday.  Vday is in 3 days.  So lets make this fun and easy mamas.

My kids are 3 (PreK) and 7 (First Grade).  Girl and boy.  They are too young to care about the Pinterest hand made crafty cute cards and treats.  Seriously, I was all about that with kid #1.  I found that it was not done so much for the kids but more for the competitive “I am better than you” moms.  So I am done with that.

That being said, it is a sweet holiday and kids love it so we can still make it memorable and fun.  But we don’t need all of the stress, time and money.  Here is what I propose.

Box cards.

Yes box cards.  There is no shame in the box cards.  We did them when we were kids and we loved them!  Go to the store of choice (Wallymart, Tarjet, DollarTree) with your kid and have them pick out their fav.  Drop a few bucks – no biggie.  When you get home – don’t worry about addressing a personal card to each kid.  Have your kid sign his name – that is enough.  Ok – sign your kids name if that is easier – seriously – whatever you can muster.  If you want and only if you want, tape something to the card.  Candy, stickers, glowstick, whatever.  Totally optional.  I found cheap heart drinking straws – Scotch Tape and done.

School Party Treats.

Buy the shit out of bulk cupcakes or cookies.  No need to be Betty Crocker here.  If you are feeling ambitious cut some cheese and ham in to heart shapes or again, buy the shit out of it premade.  Strawberries.  Chips.  Hershey Kisses.  Candy Hearts.  Juice squeezes.  DONE.


Have the kids make mom a Valentine’s Card.  Buy a cheap kit of foam hearts and stickers.  Bring a sharpie.  Write MOM on them.  Call it a day.  Or bend a pipe cleaner into a heart shape and have young kids thread cheerios on it – instant bird feeder.  Or my personal fav – fake roses from the dollar store sprayed in febreeze – kids love to smell them and give them to mom.


Little kids – get some chalk and draw hearts on the sidewalk.  Bigger Kids – plastic drinking straws and q-tips turn in to a game of cupids arrow.  “Shoot” the q-tips into buckets/bowls and see who comes closest or gets the most in the buckets.

Teacher Valentines with Gifts.

Totally optional.  I used to do them until it turned into a gift for all holidays.  Now it is Christmas, Teachers Day, Birthdays and End of School only.  But this year I had some Valentine’s Day stuff on hand (from last year clearance) so why not.  Nothing major.  Packet of Valentines Day Stickers with a note that says “I am Stuck on You!”.  Teachers can keep stickers for personal use or use in the classroom.  Whoo Hoo.

Valentine’s Day Candy. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about the holiday is not Feb 14 but actually Feb 15.  The day AFTER Valentine’s Day.  Go to your grocery store, Walmart, Target, etc and buy that 50% off candy.  Load up the carts moms.  Bring the kids – have them pick out a box.  Go home, open a bottle of wine, eat a box of candy and call it a Valentine’s Day MOM WIN.

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