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Their First Hair Cut

October 16, 2018

Are you one of those moms?  The one that makes a big deal of the little milestones?  The one who takes tons of pictures of everything?  The one who cries because her baby is growing up?  Well I am somewhere in the middle.

It is different with a son vs daughter.  Sons hair cuts are boring. You cant do much with them – there is only one kind of cut really.  And you know when it is time to cut their hair – when it is too long.  Then there are daughters.  They can grow hair forever.  And it can be cut and styled in so many ways!  When should you cut her hair?  How much should you cut?  What style?

So I thought it was finally time when I couldn’t take another evening of terror trying to brush my daughters freshly washed hair.  The fussing and the fighting and the whining and the thrashing.  Hubs on the other hand would let her hair grow like Rapunzel.  He was very anti-hair cut.  So I made a deal with him only to trim a tiny bit off the ends.

A little princess only gets her first hair cut once.  So this mom thought it would be fun to make a real event of it.  Besides, I wanted to make it novel so that she would feel special.  Another motivation was that she never sits still so I needed to keep her occupied!


So off we went to moms salon.  I had a bag of tricks, literally.  I had a bag of leftover stuff from Disney that we used at Bippity Boppity Boutique.  So we sat her in her chair and introduced her to her Fairy Godmother who would cut her hair.  Boy was my hair stylist amazing.  I gave her no notice and she totally played along.  While she was getting her hair cut, we put on make up, face gems, and painted nails.  Then there were the royal lollipops of course.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  When it was all done, her Fairy Godmother crowned her with a tiara and sprayed her hair with pixie dust glitter.  She also had a pink princess silk sash.

Of course there were pictures.  Who could resist?  It was memorable for her and for this mama.  And the stylist thought it was a great idea and is thinking about creating a package for her other princesses!  You could do the same thing for your prince or princess.  Grab some props from your dollar store and use your imagination!  Save a lock of that royal hair too!

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