The Slamming Door Phase

August 1, 2018

Oh my.  Is it me?  Is it just my crazy kids?  What is the fascination with slamming doors?

They slam them when they are angry

They slam them when they are running away

They slam them when they are hiding

They slam them when they are chasing each other

They slam them for no reason at all!

They slam them in my face.

They slam them on fingers.


It is worse than a slap in the face.  It is more than just the physical act of slamming the door, it is the disrespect of shutting/locking you out.  It is even more “fun” when they slam and lock.  So you are searching for a paperclip or credit card to jimmy open the lock.  Discipline follows only to have another door slammed shortly thereafter.

Do all kids go through this?  Is this them exerting their control/power?  How do we make it stop?  Or is it just a phase?  Will the slamming stop?  Does it get worse as they grow older and hit teenage dramaville?

See this Kid Slamming Door YouTube Video – sure it is cute now but it won’t be cute for long I assure you.

Then there is slamming OPEN the door.  Is that what I get to look forward to?

Any ideas on how to stop the madness?  Short of removing the door?  What the door ever do to you? There has got to be a gadget or method or trick or hack to keep kids from slamming the door.  Give it to me.  Throw it at me.  I am ready.

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