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March 21, 2018

So I thought I was a Fit Mom.  I exercise daily with cardio, weights, yoga, cardio classes.  I take all of the supplements.  I eat relatively “clean”.  I only drink water … ok so I drink wine a few times a week.  Wine is survival people.  I am a healthy weight.  I have endurance/stamina.  It took a long time for me to get to a place where I was happy with my body.

I was one of those annoying pregnant women who exercised all throughout her pregnancy.  I only gained 13 pounds and lost it all and then some immediately after delivery.  Gestational diabetes helped that effort.  So did breast feeding.

So I was thinking about what knowledge I could impart on moms who are looking to get/stay fit.  I did a quick google search for inspiration.  Bad move.  Bad bad bad move.  The search pulled up these super fit moms.  You know.  The body building ones.  The ones who can kick your ass and your husbands before she drinks her protein shake for breakfast.

I was left feeling … less than fit.  Feeling like maybe I should do more.  Maybe I need to be even stronger.  Stronger for me and set an example for my kids.  You should see these “Most Fit Women on Instagram” articles.  See link here.

So after talking myself off a ledge, I stumbled upon another sight.  Fit moms that are a bit more my speed.  Not super human.  Not in the gym every moment.  Just doing what they can every day to stay active and healthy.  Check it out – click link to

If you are a muscle mom – wow you are strong.  If you are a fit mom – good for you being dedicated to wellness.  If you are a mom hoping to become more active and fit – you can do it!  Don’t feel like you have to rush things and push hard immediately.  Start slow.  Do a yoga class or go walking.  Work your way into other things like treadmills or cardio classes.  If running is your thing – go for it!  Swim is great too.  Sports – your kids would love you to play with them!

And the diets … oh the diets.  Just start by making minor changes and eating smart.  Do not deprive yourself of anything (ex: no carb, no fat, no dairy, no gluten, etc).  Your body needs all of this in a balance.  Stick to foods on the perimeter of the grocery store – the whole foods – the fresh foods.  Stay away from the processed stuff in the aisles.  Drink lots of water.  Then as your body adjusts, get a bit more strict with your diet.  Little steps until you get to a place where you are feeling your best.

Please please please do not fall into the trap of quick fix products like shakes or pills etc.  It is so enticing.  There are many reasons to avoid this route.  I wont go into it here – just know your body will thank you for feeding it real whole natural foods that you eat with a knife and fork.

So whatever your goals may be – know that I believe in you.  Heck – you have kids – that is way harder than any diet or exercise program.  You can withstand any challenge!  You can do this!

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