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The Amazing Baby Wipe

March 17, 2018

So I was in the shower the other day and noticed a bottle of baby oil that has been sitting there for years.  I wondered to myself, what was its original purpose?  I surely have never used it on any of my kids.  What other purpose does it serve?  I think I had it because my hairstylist said to use it on my dry scalp once.  Or maybe I used it after a leg shave?  I dont recall – like I said it has been in my shower for literally years.  Remember the days before we knew about skin cancer and how we would use it to sun tan?

It got me thinking.  What other products do I use that were designed for use with babies/children?  I put a post out on FB to see what other folks use.  It was interesting to see the responses.  I replied – baby wipes for everything!  A friend then asked what exactly could you do with wipes.  So I did a little reading and started a list.  I am sure there are more uses.  What do you use them for?

See my attached printable for a list of uses! Magical Baby Wipes

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