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Summer is Ending Conundrum

August 16, 2018

Summer is ending and I feel conflicted.

Back to School YES! 

I cannot wait to have the kids out of my hair and back to school.  I can get my life back and get back to normalcy. I can run errands without kids.  I can go to gym.  I can go to dentist!  Lunch with friends.  But back to school also means the stress of chaotic mornings, school drop offs, uniforms, homework, sports, etc.

Back to School NO! 

I am going to miss the summer spending time with my kids creating memories.  They are still young and everything is still new.  They still like hanging around me – and I know one day that will change and I will take back seat to friends and other interests.  But summers mean entertaining kids 24-7 with sunblock, water sports, junk food, late bed times and hyperactivity.

A fellow mama friend of mine sent me this message one day and I thought it so brilliant.  So simple.  So poignant.

I felt I needed to share it with you all.  Sometimes we all need to hear a message like this.

Thank You Karre Jo!

“I remember having a few summer where I felt the same way. You can’t change it unless you are going to home school! So with that being said it is a season -a season on the calendar and a season in life. Enjoy the summer for what it is…an opportunity to not run crazy with a full schedule and laugh with your kids. That is what I remember most about my kids, things are just funnier in the summer. School is a wonderful season to enjoy –  you see your kids learn new skills academically, socially and physically. There is the opportunity to learn new things right along with them…vocabulary for example, you are lit! And when you have that 1-1 time with them you know how precious it is! One season isn’t better than the other! They both add a lot of value to your life and your relationships with your kids. The hips might not recover as quick as before but the memory of orange fingers are priceless!!”

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