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St. Patrick’s Day Fun

March 17, 2018

My kids are of the age where they believe in Leprechauns.  I know this is only temporary so I want to go all out.  I want to create memories for them that they will remember always and maybe even do with their kids someday!

We will not be together on the official St Pats Day so we had to celebrate a day early.  Bummer for me but good for you so you can get some inspiration!  This is how it went …

We made a very crude leprechaun trap out of a box and green paper.  Kids decorated it with markers.  We collected the leprechaun bait (Lucky Charms cereal).  We set the trap right before bedtime.  Once kids were asleep, Mom went to work.

Closed the trap.  Set a trail of gold plastic coins that lead from trap to the bathroom.  Had leprechaun cutouts along the route too.

Once at the bathroom, they turned on the lights (replaced white bulbs with green lightbulbs) to find the room lit in green.

When they went to the toilet and flush they saw the water turn green as it flushed!  Qtips and green food coloring dabbed on the underside of the toilet created the effect.

Necklaces and hats await along with a Pot of Gold (black bowl full of popcorn and Lucky Charms).

We poured milk from the jug into cups to see it change color from white to green (dried food coloring in the bottom of the cups create the effect).

I was even able to get a picture of the tricky leprechaun in action.

SUCCESS!  Kids were sad that they didn’t catch the leprechaun in the trap but they loved the tricks he played and the treats he left behind.

We ended the hunt by watching movies while we ate breakfast of popcorn and green milk.  Precious!

Off to school with themed lunches.  Green food items like green beans and green m&ms.  Star stickers on everything!

After school we head to Krispy Kreme to get green donuts and McDonald’s for shamrock shakes!  Play date with friends.  Crafts with corks and Fruit Loops cereal.  Wine time for the mommies.

Was it Pinterest worthy and perfect?  Maybe not.  But my kids wouldnt know the difference.  It was fun for them and easy for me.  We all enjoyed celebrating St. Patricks Day together … and the kicker … we are not even Irish!

Head over to my Pinterest page for St Patricks Day ideas!


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