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Sing a Song – A child is born

October 24, 2018

When my son was born, we received wonderful gifts, practical gifts, keepsakes, and sentimental gifts. One gift in particular was by far my favorite. It was so simple yet so powerful. It was an iTunes playlist … remember those? Somewhere between mix tapes and Spotify?

I was a new mom and had no idea how having a child would truly impact my life. It wasn’t anything I could prepare for. It was profound. It was beautiful. It was hard! So in my post pardom exhaustion, stress, emotion – I listened to this playlist with an entirely new perspective. Some days it made me cry. Other days it gave me strength. Other days it made me feel grateful.  Here is the playlist:


Maybe it is just me but I hear songs and it takes me back to a time and place – a memory – a feeling.
So even today when a song comes on the radio from that baby playlist, it takes me back.

Then I started to pay attention. I started to hear music and its lyrics and started to pick up on verses that (although written for a lover) could apply to the love of a parent for their child. Check out this list of songs that famous artists have written – that topped the charts – that are famous – that you may not have known were written for their children. You will never feel the same about them again.  CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF SONGS AND THEIR BACKSTORY

Some of my fav’s are Beautiful Boy (John Lennon), When You Dream (Bare Naked Ladies), Lullabye (Billy Joel), Closing Time (Semisonic), Forever Young (Bob Dylan), Humble and Kind (Tim McGraw), With Arms Wide Open (Creed)

Recently, I even started to listen to hip hop/ rap and could create mom/kid parodies in my head! I can’t get this stuff out of my head. Check out some of my momified lyrics …

In Da Club (50 Cent), All I Do Is Win (DJ Khaled), Drop It Like It’s Hot (Snoop Dogg)






What are your fav parent/child/baby songs?  It could be a top 40 or just a lullabye you sang your kids.  What one song brings you back to that moment – you know the one.

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