Should I have posted that?

July 18, 2018

So a few weeks ago I posted a pic of my son on social media.  He was naked.  He was not facing the camera so no full frontal.  It was just his bare butt.

Most people replied:

“so cute”

“butt humor – glad my kid isn’t the only one”

“something about boys butts and farts”

Later I received a message from a woman …

“I can’t d.m. you. This is adorable and your son is ???? and you are looking at this as a loving mama and there are a disgusting amount of people who will see this as not a way you would want anyone to look at your child.”

So then I felt horrible!  I have seen tons of posts with pics of naked babies/kids – never once did this cross my mind.  Never once did I think about gross strangers looking at my kid in a creepy way.  Never once did I feel posting was inappropriate or dangerous.  

So what do I do?  Do I delete the post? Do I post a comment? What do I do going forward?

It forced me to pay more attention to posts that appear in my scroll feed.  Sooooooo many of us moms are posting naked/semi-naked photos of our kids.  Full buff babies.  Kids in diapers or underpants.  Children in swimsuits.

Better yet, lots of moms post pics of them breast feeding.  And the one that raised my attention most was photos of moms giving birth with lady parts exposed and baby’s head crowing out of a vagina.  Although this is natural and beautiful is it appropriate to post?

So what do we do mamas?  How do we handle this?  We want to share our kids and their beautiful funny moments but is it something we now need to refrain from?  What do you do?  What are your rules for posting?  Makes me sad that we live in a world like this that can take something pure and turn it into something dirty.

So I have not removed my post.  Although I contemplated it.  Going forward however, I do not know what I will do.

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