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Pool Noodles – A Toy for All Seasons

May 15, 2018

The pool noodle.  You know the one.  You see them in droves once the weather starts to warm.  You can find them everywhere … even at the Dollar Store.  Yes it is a fun pool toy and even a swimming aid.  Do not be fooled.  There are so many other non-summer non-swimming uses for these babies!  Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Reuse those babies – Repurpose them!


  • cover your exposed trampoline springs
  • use them as baby bumpers under fitted sheets
  • attach them to doors to act as door stoppers
  • cover the push bar of shopping cart to protect baby’s hands and teeth
  • cover infant car seat handle for comfort when carrying
  • cover bed posts/legs to avoid stubbed toes
  • cover tent tie downs for better visibility
  • cover table edges and fireplaces for a protective bumper


  • make a wreath
  • make candy canes
  • make luminaries
  • make a Menorah
  • make lollipops
  • make witches/elf legs
  • make coral and ocean animals
  • make rainbows
  • make garland


  • make a play house frame cover it with sheets
  • make quiet blocks
  • make lightsabers with tape
  • make sprinkler tunnels with punctured noodles
  • make pool noodle goal posts
  • half them and make car ramps
  • build obstacle courses
  • make a bowling set
  • make a ring toss set
  • make hands free playing card holders
  • oh the costumes you can make – seriously – Pinterest that stuff!
  • cut them into small rounds + put them in baby pool = “ball pit”

Home Use:

  • use them as a hose to refill mop buckets
  • stuff them in boots to keep them upright
  • build a beverage boat for the pool
  • slice them down the middle and hide electrical chords inside
  • put them over your clothesline/hangers to avoid creases in clothes/sheets
  • attach to garage walls to avoid bumping car door when opening
  • cut and use as beverage can coolers “koozies”
  • spiral cut noodles and wrap around wine bottles to keep them from breaking
  • pin your sewing needles and fish hooks here for safe and easy storage
  • cut up noodles into small pieces and use inside bottom of flower pots for drainage
  • cover metal rake tines and use as a squeegie to move unwanted water

Lots of ideas here right?  There are tons more hacks I am sure.  Do you have one to add to the list?  What is your favorite one?  Attached here is a free printable of the ideas listed above for your printing pleasure!

Go forth and NOODLE!


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