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“Mother’s Kiss”

September 24, 2018

Sounds sweet doesn’t it?  It isn’t what you think.  It is actually kind of disgusting but at the same time genius!

Have you ever been faced with a child who has shoved something up their nose?  Got something stuck up there?  You know like a bead or a nut or perhaps a raisin or jelly bean.  First instinct is to try and pry it out yourself.  Well this isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Your kid really jammed that thing right up there.  You may not even be able to see it because it is lodged so far in.

Panic sets in.  You want to go to the ER or emergency clinic.  Well take a breath and try this trick first.  Seriously.  They probably will try this in the ER first.  It is so simple but yet so brilliant!

It is called the “Mother’s Kiss” technique.  Basically, you have two nostrils.

Nostril A is blocked with a pea

Nostril B is clear

Gently press Nostril B closed.  Then blow into your kids mouth like you are giving them mouth to mouth with a short strong puff.  The air flow and pressure should shoot that pea right out of your kids nose.  Your kid may struggle but they will feel relief.  If you try a few times and it does not work – THEN go to the ER.

I was fortunate to have seen this trick on a FB video and filed in my memory bank.  Good thing I did.

My daughter was playing at the park and collecting acorns.  Pockets full of acorns.  Like she was collecting gold coins.  She was sneezing in the car.  Said her nose hurt.  When we got home we asked jokingly if she put an acorn in her nose.  Sure enough, she did.  She said she did it to keep the acorn safe.  Seriously.

Husband went into a panic trying to shine light up her nose and pry it out.  I simply said, “Don’t worry, I know how to get it out”.  He thought I was crazy.  He held her in his lap while I did the “Mother’s Kiss”.  He thought I was nuts until the acorn shot out of her nose.  MOM WIN!

Then she went off on her merry way like nothing happened.  She didn’t even struggle.  She was just so glad to have the darn thing out.  She sat calmly and still.  I was amazed.

Here is a link to a YouTube Video:  MOTHER’S KISS VIDEO DEMO

And here is the acorn proof …

Is your life changed forever?  BOOM!  You will thank me one day.


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