Mercury in Retrowhat?

July 26, 2019

OK so let me start by saying this …

Do I enjoy the occasional reading of my horoscope? YES
Do I follow/understand astrology? NO

Do I believe that freaky shit happens on full moons and that some celestial things have an effect on our day to day life?  Hmmm.  UNDECIDED

I will say this however.  My July has been such a freak show.  What about you Mamas?  Man it is like the weirdest stuff was happening.

  • daughter with strep throat
  • daughter with hand foot and mouth disease
  • daughter with wicked fire ant bite reaction
  • urgent care visits – lots of these
  • kids with injuries
  • family stomach flu
  • dog with wicked fire ant bite reaction and urgent care
  • lice scare
  • bed bug scare
  • screwed up lady cycle
  • extreme exhaustion
  • car breakdowns
  • constant home repairs
  • random tech malfunctions
  • dangerous surf with sharks and jelly fish
  • insane heat/humidity wave (record breaking)
  • family feuds
  • losing stuff
  • so many peeps announcing they have cancer
  • on and on and on … fill in the blank with your madness

I have had more wine this month than any other in my life.  It is like the hits keep on coming.

A friend of mine mentioned something to me that all of this was caused by “Mercury in Retrograde”.  Apparently that is a thing.  And it is supposed to be really bad.  I mean really, really bad.  She told me a bit and I nodded but had no clue what she was talking about.  I did a quick google search.  Here is what we are dealing with Mamas…

It is super complicated.  I do not fully understand it.  Here are the big nuggets you can take away to sound like you know what you are talking about when someone starts talking about it.  Consider this your Cliff’s Notes.  Please tell me you know what Cliff’s Notes are … am I that old… do they exist anymore?  I digress.

Mercury in Retrograde:

When the planet Mercury “appears” to moving backwards in orbit.  This is an optical illusion.  It does not really move backward.  I cannot explain it clearly so watch this YouTube – CLICK HERE.  I warn you, I got lost pretty early into the video.

It happens 3x a year and lasts for approx 3 weeks each time.

Crazy shit happens.  It effects every one of us.  However, it can effect people differently depending on your zodiac sign.  It is said to set off “bad luck”.  Click here to see what this month’s Mercury in Retrograde means for your zodiac sign.  Humor me.  It’s all in good fun.  We must have a sense of humor about this right?

5 effects of Mercury:  You are less proactive.  Setbacks.  Shutting other people out.  Self-doubt.  Questioning yourself.

Here is the 2019 MiR Calendar.  Note that the July retrograde is said to be even more powerful because Mars intersects in orbit.  Yippee for us.

Here is How to Survive MiR.  So, I guess I am screwed.  I have done or will be doing almost each and every thing on the “Do Not Do” list.

You may be saying to yourself, “This sounds like El Niño”.  Remember that from the late 1990’s?  When anything went wrong – people seemed to blame it on the weather phenom “El Niño”.

Embrace it.

Going forward until this month ends,

I am going to blame everything on…

Mercury in Retrograde.

Who is with me?!?!




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