Is there anybody out there?

March 12, 2018

What is the scariest part about blogging?  For some it is finding the right words.  For others it is the technology.  Then there are those that fear the exposure.  Then there is me.  My biggest fear?  I fear that nobody reads my blog.  That nobody will join my dialogue.  That I will be alone in this big virtual abyss.  That there won’t be anyone … out there.

So I guess my blogging fears are not much different than my mom fears.

Being alone in this mom journey really sucks.  It’s no fun if you don’t have people to share it with!  Sharing the joys and the pains, the successes and the failures, the merlot and the chardonnay … that is what I dream of!  Husbands are amazing, but sometimes we need the support of our fellow sisters.

So here I am, putting it all out there.  Sharing the intimate details of this moms life.  Hoping to build a Village, not just for me, but for you.  A place where we can be real.  No judging.  No mom shaming.  We can lend support or have a good laugh.  We can ask hard questions and give great advice.  Share our interests and expertise.  Talk about things we love and hate.  We can celebrate mom wins and empathize with mom fails.  Let’s make mom-ing fun again!  We can do this crazy mom thing TOGETHER!

Join me in this Hot Mess Mom Journey!  Road Trip!



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