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Halloween Activities with Kids (not eating candy)

October 30, 2018

So this post is late – super late and I hope you see it before Halloween so that you can do some of these Halloween Activities with your kids.  Seriously, they are so easy and fast to put together.  Most of the supplies you already have in your house.  It costs virtually nothing.  You can totally pull off one or two before you can say “BOO”!

Thank you Pinterest MOMS!

Not for nothing but it is cheaper, faster, and cleaner than carving that darn (now rotting) pumpkin.

The good part is that they do not involve eating candy!  We will have enough of that on Halloween and the days following as the wrappers pile up.

Flying Tea Bag Ghosts:

Cut tea bag top off and dump out the tea.  Draw on a face.  Stand up the empty tea bag like a cylinder on a non flammable surface (like a cookie sheet).  Light empty tea bags on fire and watch them soar and float until they vaporize.  This was the family favorite!  PSA:  these suckers flame and fly fast so do not conduct this activity in an area that may be easily flammable.

Dancing Frankenworms:

Soak quartered gummy worms in baking soda water and then submerge them in a glass of vinegar.  Watch the worms float and dance!

Skeleton Fizz:

Any plastic container will do.  I used a plastic skeleton head from the Dollar Tree.  IMPORTANT:  place the container on top of a cookie sheet.  Core a hole in its head and eyes.  Fill head with 1/4 cup baking soda and then pour/drop colored water into the main hole.  Watch the foam fizz out the eyes!  You can easily use a plastic mini pumpkin or something.  Just make sure to adjust your ingredients up or down to accommodate the size of the container.

Expanding Ghosts:

Another cool one.  Draw a face on a deflated balloon.  Put 1 Tablespoon baking soda in the balloon (use a funnel).  Fill clear plastic water bottle with 1/2 cup vinegar.  Put the balloon lip over the mouth of the water bottle without letting any of the baking soda fall into the bottle.  Once sealed, lift the balloon to drop the baking soda and watch the balloon inflate!

For the younger tikes, here are a couple of toddler friendly activities that are fun and offer a bit of holiday motor skills practice too!  win win!

Pumpkin Hammering:

Tap some wooden golf tees into a pumpkin.  Give the kids a wooden kiddie mallet and have them pound the tees into the pumpkin.  For added fun, have them lace or rubber band around the tees!

Spider Stack:

Stick a plastic straw upright into a pile of playdough.  Have your lil one feed those black spider rings on the straw.  See how many they can stack.  Or even time them!

I conducted a bunch of these “experiments” live on FB Live.  Check out the replay on FB @hmmhotmessmama – they are basic 3 minute tutorials from this Hot Mess Mama!  I will also be loading these videos to YouTube shortly.

Have some educational fun with the kiddos!  Trick or Treating will start soon – fill up that coffee mug with wine and power on!

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