Go to BED!

September 22, 2018

My kids have always been pretty good about going to bed when asked.  Sure we have the normal bed time struggles with kids stall tactics but nothing obscene.

We have:

  • the slow brushing of the teeth
  • the I have to pee
  • the I need a drink of water
  • the please read me another book
  • the “mommy can we snuggle”.

All normal and manageable.

My son and daughter would go to their respective rooms and that would be that.  A new trend has arisen.  It’s the “I want to sleep with my sibling” trend.  At first it was sweet and cute.  Then it was because one of them was genuinely scared and needed comfort.  Now it has become play time. 

It is maddening!  After all the checks on the bedtime list have finally been complete and all is quiet … we hear it.  The quiet tip toeing.  Then the jump in bed together.  Then the fun starts with kicking, jumping, chasing.  Then the lights, books, music and toys.

Round 1:  We watch on the monitor and after many pleas they retreat to their respective beds.

Then round 2:  Now mom and dad physically go to the rooms and separate them.

Then round 3:  We threaten to punish.

Then round 4:  We lock doors.  Which just leads to my kids practicing their mad Houdini skills.

In the morning they wake up like zombies and cannot function.  They are cranky through out the day and continue as such well into dinner time.  Then the cycle begins again at bed time.

So what the hell do we do?  We want them to be able to bond and rely on each other.  We want them to comfort each other.  We want them to be able to sleep in the same bed when necessary.  But this night time ritual has to stop.

Is it a phase?  Is there a tactic or method we have not tried?  Is there a book or a gadget that we need to use?  Is there an app for that?  A tea or night time drink?  Something?  Anything?

These kids need their sleep … and not for nothing but so do these parents!

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