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Father’s Day

June 14, 2018

Holy crap this weekend is Father’s Day! Let me preface this post by saying that my dad has passed on and is in heaven so we are not talking about celebrating our fathers but moreso our husbands/fathers to our children.

We want to honor the hubs but what do they really want? Do they really care about the holiday? Why expend the time, energy, and money on something they do not appreciate?

Father’s Day was an afterthought in history. Mother’s Day was established in the early 1900’s. Years later legend has it that a little girl wanted to honor her widowed father for taking on the role of both mother and father. It gained a bit of momentum but nothing monumental like Mother’s Day. Did you know that Father’s Day in the USA wasn’t even recognized or deemed an official holiday until Nixon in 1972! Always the third Sunday in June.

That is not to say we think dads are an afterthought. They are amazing and we love them. They should be honored but do they really want that? My experience is that a good meal and a “pickle tickle” is all they want. So why do we continue to stress and fuss?

So this year I have decided on a new plan. A plan of simplicity and family fun where the kids can participate. No cheesy gifts.  No breakfast in bed.  Here is how it is going to go down. Mom is going to make a simple breakfast. Then we will embark on a family scavenger hunt/road rally. Mom has put together clues and tasks and locations. Family will hunt and take pics along the way. Hunt will end back at the house with a BBQ dinner made by me. There will be man beverages and meat. And yes I am sure that kids will be put to bed and dad will get that romp he was hoping for.
Free Scavenger Hunt Printable CLICK HERE.

So what do you think? What do you do to celebrate hubby/daddy? Got any ideas for my hunt? Take a look a the attached scavenger hunt plan and give me ideas and feedback or heck – print it and do the hunt with your family! Say it was your idea – I don’t mind. I’ve got your back!

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