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Elf – Let’s Do This

November 29, 2018

Ok Mamas, T minus 3 days until the Elf on the Shelf will once again revisit.  Are you ready?  Are you tired yet?

When the Elf creators started this tradition, it was simple and pure.  Do you think they ever imagined it would turn out to be such a circus?  Moms trying to outdo other moms on creative Elf poses.  Elf poses for toddlers.  Elf poses for older kids.  Elf poses for adults (sometimes X rated).  Props and costumes!  Now they sell a Girl Elf and Elves of other races and accompanying reindeer!  You can even rig your Elf to be pose-able – I haven’t gotten that ambitious yet. The planning that is needed to pull off a epic memorable Elf visit is staggering!

But the kids LOVE it!  How can you deny them that?  There are only a few years left that they will still believe in Santa and that darn ELF!  My kids look forward to it every day.  To see their faces light up each time they find “Buddy” makes my hear warm.  Yes – we named our elf “Buddy”.  Not the most creative – don’t judge 🙂  But at least it is a name that we won’t forget.  Ring Ring … “Buddy the Elf what’s your favorite color?”

Pinterest is full of ideas – pretty impressive if you ask me and a bit intimidating!  Last year I stumbled upon this amazing Pin.  30+ Elf on the Shelf ideas with supplies from the Dollar Tree.  Yes the DOLLAR TREE!  I loved the ideas so much!  They were cheap and easy and mostly fast.  I used a ton of the ideas last year!  So 2018 came and I returned to the website to find there wasn’t a list of new ideas.  So I wrote to the publisher.  They said that instead of creating an entire new list, that they compiled a section that listed all of their previous Elf posts.  Great idea but I what about new stuff?  Now I am starting to sweat.

Click HERE for their website:

So I went to the Dollar Tree and spent 2 hours there looking for new ideas.  Full cart and almost 40 items later, I think I have “a plan”.  Ok maybe not a real plan but I have a cart full of stuff with general ideas. How do I make these ideas come to life?  I went live on FB from the Dollar Tree.  I felt a challenge coming on!  LET’S DO THIS!

Click HERE for my FB Live Dollar Tree Video.

Elf on the Shelf Dollar Tree Challenge!

Here is how it will go down…

Here is a pic of items purchased from the Dollar Tree:

Here is the list of items:

  • unicorn book
  • mini jenga
  • light up rudolph nose
  • Santa tic tac toe
  • rainbow candy canes
  • gold tinsel reindeer
  • dog treats
  • play tea set
  • clothes pins (standard and mini)
  • colored pom poms
  • plastic ice cream bubbles
  • fake money
  • grow a crystal kit
  • bag of rubber bands
  • bike lock
  • Christmas light necklace and small LED Christmas lights
  • pine tree air freshener
  • hour glass timer
  • nutcracker
  • solar waiving Santa
  • stretchy animals
  • silver tinsel
  • football game
  • Haribo sour cubes (or gum drops)
  • bubble machine
  • mermaid “barbie” doll
  • kids chef apron
  • ping pong balls
  • “barbie” accessories
  • colored popsicle sticks
  • jingle bells
  • roadsign bingo game


  1. Pose your Elf with item(s) from this list.  (You can supplement with other common items you may already have at home.)
  2. Take a photo
  3. Post photo to the Hot Mess Mama’s Village Group Forum on Facebook (CLICK HERE) or to Instagram with the hashtag #hmmhotmessmamaelf 
  4. Post as often as you like – until December 25.
  5. Go to the Facebook Forum above or search the above Instagram hashtag to see super creative poses from other moms or even some really funny Elf fails!
  6. Duplicate other moms’ ideas!  Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
  7. There may even be a prize or two for the most creative or most liked.

For those of you who are super organized, I have included a blank printable December 2018 Calendar HERE.  You can print it out and write in your Elfing Plan.  I intentionally left it plain without any Elf graphics so not to tip off the kiddies.  

In reality, you need:

1 Elf Arrival Day

23 days of Elf poses

1 Elf Departure Day


That is not so bad right?  Yeah but after a few days, the fun for mom wears off.  So lets keep the momentum going and motivate each other … Let’s do this together!

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