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December Story Hour – Polar Bears

December 8, 2018

So it is December and all thing Christmas/Hanukkah.  There is more to winter right?  And you are assigned to read to your pre-schooler’s class this month.  Another holiday book?  More stories about presents and gingerbread men?  Not to be bah-humbug but we need a little variety.

So a winter theme it is – Polar Bears!  

Here was my plan:

Book:  Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? By Martin/Carle

Find it at your local library or here on CLICK HERE TO ORDER ON AMAZON.

You can even print a black and white paper one for free!  CLICK HERE FOR FREE BOOK PRINTABLE

Felt Board with Printables:  You can purchase or print online the animals from the book.  Put them on the felt board one by one as you read the story.  It really helped to hold the groups attention.  Not to mention the animals were large and easier to see than the images in the smaller book.  CLICK HERE TO FIND EXAMPLES OF FREE FELT BOARD PRINTABLES

Recorded Animal Sounds:  Do you know what sound a peacock makes?  Nor do I so off to the internet it was.  This link is awesome – it lists all of the books animals in order with recordings of the respective animal sounds.  We played the sounds after each page and the kids were silent!  They wanted to hear the sounds again and again.  Silence is golden people.  CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO ANIMAL SOUNDS:  POLAR BEAR, POLAR BEAR, WHAT DO YOU HEAR BY SOUNDBOARD.

Polar Bear Puppet:  We have a county funded resource called “Childlinks”.  It is a place open to parents (of children 0-5), teachers, child care providers.  For a small annual fee ($20+/year) you can check out toys/books, print, copy, bind, laminate, die cut, take classes.  All included in your membership!  It is my favorite!  Here I was able to check out a Polar Bear Puppet to bring to the class!  We called him Pete the Polar Bear.  I asked the kids questions like:  does he have fur or feathers? what does he eat?  where does he live?  is it hot where he lives or cold?  CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO CHILDLINKS RESOURCE NOTED ABOVE.

“Ice in the Jungle”: We had time for another book so we quickly read a book called “Ice in the Jungle” by Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar.  Here a baby polar bear moves from the ice caps to the jungle!  CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO “ICE IN THE JUNGLE BOOK”

When story time was over, I sent the kids off to class with a craft.  Simple free printable of a polar bear that they could glue cotton balls and google eyes to (provided by me).  They could color it too!  So cute!  CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE POLAR BEAR CRAFT PRINTABLE.

So there you have it folks.  It really was easy and cheap.  Kids were captivated – which is really hard to do with 3 and 4 year old kids.  So print away, read and play with your kids!  

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