About me

Why am I doing this?

I am not here to sell anything. I am not here to promote anything. I have no agenda.
I am here for US. The REAL moms. The Hot and Messy Moms.
Trying to build a Village of support, laughter, love, advice and friendship!
Oh and yes, I am here for the WINE!
I will give you all I’ve got Mamas. But I need you too!


My name is Susan, a 40 something Hot Mess Mama with 2 young kids that challenge me daily! Married my college sweetheart – Go Badgers! Big city Chicago girl who moved South to the Carolina’s. Corporate woman who gave it all up to have children. My son was conceived through IVF. My daughter was born in my heart through the gift of adoption. Feel like a mom fail on the regular and have come to accept it is a part of the job description. But we don’t have to go it alone. I created this safe space for moms to come and laugh, find support, and be REAL. It takes a village – and I need all the villagers I can get. Join me! Throw the hair in a bun. Lose the bra. Put on your yoga pants. Lets do this mom thing together!


Craziness! Kids & Moming. Food & WINE. More WINE. Song & Dance. Event Planning & Travel. Being REAL.


  • Grand Poobah of Crazy
  • First Lady of the Monsters
  • Commander-in-Chief of Cheerios
  • Master of Mac & Cheese
  • WINE & Kid Snacks Pairing Expert
  • Most Tardy Mom
  • Gym Clothes Fashionista
  • Toilet Plunger Extraordinaire 
  • Chic-fil-a Most Valued Customer