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100 Days

February 3, 2019

So your kid has been in school 100 Days and apparently this is a new milestone and cause for celebration.  I guess I am just old school (literally) because we never did this when I was in school.  Now, its “a thing”.  And with most school things, what once was a humble sweet idea, turned into a fierce mom competition.

So, your kid approaches his 100th day of school and the teacher sends home a note.  It is instructions.  Your kid has to come up with a theme and collect 100 of the same things and create XYZ.  Some schools dictate it can only be a poster board.  Others use T-Shirts.  Some have no real restrictions and full on dioramas and sculptures and hats and crazy commences.

You may even be asked to bring items for a snack or party at school.

This is all on top of your already anxiety riddled after school routine of tantrums and homework and reading.

So you troll Pinterest looking for something you could pass off as something you thought of yourself.  Something easy, cheap, fast.  Something that you may already have all of the supplies for.

Then comes the scissors, the glue, needle, thread, velcro, tape, other tools, the 100 things, the hours or assembly and drying.  The obligatory bottle of wine.

You find yourself composing, creating and crafting.  Wait – wasn’t this supposed to be your KIDS project?

You bring the masterpiece into school and see the parade of moms with their works of art.  You are thankful that you didn’t choose the same idea from Pinterest.  You know that your board looks nothing like what a 6 year old could create – you have no shame.  Then you see the kid with the mess of a poster, with nothing but scribbles and stickers and you say to yourself, good for them!  Kudos to that mom for not bowing down to the pressure and letting the lesson be what it was intended to be.

That all being said there has to be a happy medium.  Maybe you and your kid search for the 100 things.  You decide together what to create.  You practice counting.  You practice shapes and colors.  You do groupings.  Maybe mom sets it up and the kid glues stuff down with a little help?  A LITTLE HELP MAMAS.  I had high hopes for this and then reality set in and the project was due so this mom did most of it and my kid glued down about half … exactly where I told him to glue them.  Truth be told – he didn’t want to do it anyway.  “Mom, you can do it for me.”

Here it is… 100 Jungle Animal Crackers “It’s a Jungle in Here!”

I wanted to honor the milestone since apparently it has become a big deal.  So we did the assignment.  We brought in the snacks.  And this mom even did an extra exercise.  We counted 100 pennies.  We talked about what you can buy with 100 pennies or what equals $1.00.  The next day in his lunch box, I put the pennies in a ziploc bag with a note.  It said – “Happy 100 Days! – treat yourself to an ice cream.”  So my son got an extra treat by proudly going up to the cafeteria cash register and paying for his own ice cream treat.

Whatever you do – however you handle the projects and parties and snacks … you do you mama.  Whether that be an original work of art, a Pinterest copy, or scribbles on a poster board.  It is all good and your kid won’t know the difference.  But they will remember their 100 days.


Hey take time to celebrate yourself!  You made it!  Think of all of the daily after school fits, homework, tantrums, projects, whining, reading, on and on and on.  The most stressful part of a moms day.  You survived it – congratulations Mama on your 100 Days!

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