Welcome Mamas!

How are you doing today?  Crazy day?  Aren’t they all?  Are you the perfect mom?  The one who has it all figured out?  Are you showered and nicely dressed?  Are your kids always well behaved angels?  God Bless You!  You are amazing!  I am none of these things.  I am what is called a “Hot Mess”.  My days are filled with fits and tantrums, laundry and dishes, kids late to school, cheerios in my hair, mom fails, wine o’clock messes everywhere.  Rarely showered.  Always in gym clothes.  Hair in a mom bun.  I may be real messy but i am REAL.  If you are a fellow Hot Mess Mama, this is the place for you.  Here you can come for friendship, laughs, support, tips, tricks, wine … You can laugh at my struggles.  Let my pains bring you joy!  It takes a village … a Hot Mess Village.  Join me!  I sure could use you!  I will give you all I’ve got!

Take a look around the Village.

Click around the tabs.  You can see blog posts on various topics.  You can view some of my YouTube videos.  You can connect with me and other villagers on social media.  You can join the Village and get emails sent direct to your inbox.  Bun up.  Bra off.  Yoga pants on.